The Internet Equalizer Story

by: James A. Warholic

As the Internet continues to evolve so do how B2B and B2C operate with the new generation of marketing tools.

It wasn't until the "world wide web" really came into existence that the terms B2B and B2C took off. B2B or "business to business" and B2C or "business to consumer" have always been around but with the advent of ebusiness or ecommerce which typically means conducting business online has created a whole new realm for selling and advertising products and services.

The radio and television media and to a lesser extent print media was instrumental in the driving force for advertising to consumers or other businesses in the later part of the twentieth century. In the twenty-first century we have a new global media force that is still greatly evolving from with-in and with-out. Everyday new websites come into existence from corporations displaying their company operations to individuals with something to say. People internationally are changing their habits and are spending significantly more time online doing research, staying abreast of current events, conducting business, transferring of information from point A to B, or a large segment of the new generation involved with online game play. All of these activities have reduced the amount of time people spend with the old media outlets.

Many of the larger B2B and B2C companies have grabbed a hold of the changes taking place and have strengthened their market presence. Other smaller firms have not taken advantage of the great equalizer that is the Internet. Many small to medium firms hire sales people and spend thousands of dollars monthly in salaries and benefits while giving very little thought to Online advertising or Internet marketing services as a means of generating quality leads and sales. Some of these actually have budgets for print marketing and advertising in magazines and newspapers but nothing set aside for online advertising or internet marketing. Their idea of a website presence is pay someone a one-time charge to put a fancy website together and nothing more is required to increase sales or improve their brand.

Taking advantage of the Internet

Small business to medium size organizations certainly need to have an online website presence but with the understanding that a web site needs to have a "life." Just like a company continues to grow and change so to must the website. This can be used as an extension of the sales and marketing arm of a company. It can also be used in conjugation with the engineering side of many B2B companies for the purpose of content management between individuals or groups, in tracking changes in P2P "peer to peer" environments, or Web Apps (Web Applications).

Many in the B2C world can also take advantage of new technologies such as Web conferencing, streaming multimedia, Wireless Web Mail, Pod casting, and other Web applications such as virtual assistants to automatically answer questions.

As the Net continues to grow so to do the sales, marketing, and advertising tools at the disposal of companies to improve their market position. Sure, the big companies hire employees to manage and create content for their web sites but small firms can also have a major impact in their market segment to really stand out and be heard. There is a commitment of time and work required to continually improve your market presence but it can be well worth it for the results.

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