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Search Engine Results Improvements - Changes for Good

About a year and a half ago, I was looking for information on B2B Internet marketing and not finding very good content. In fact most of the sites in the search results for B2B or even B2C for that matter were nothing but a bunch of directories involved in trickery with very little content.

Today those results have changed significantly through hard work by individuals, improvements in search engine algorithms, and time. Still there is more to be done.

There are some excellent websites that have good information for marketing and advertising to businesses or consumers. Even government .gov and educational .edu websites have detailed information related to Consumer-to-consumer, Business-to-consume, or Business-to-business Internet marketing and advertising nationally or internationally.

In the world on the Internet things change quickly. A business must learn to adapt to these changes in the market place. For example: Email marketing and newsletter publishing was a big source for lead generation in the early 2000s but that is somewhat diminished today as most companies and individual consumer Email boxes are polluted by Spam attacks.

New technology is continually making strides into the world of B2B and B2C marketing. For example: As more people become adapt at using RSS XML feeds for information gathering or news updates this will become a prime source for marketing and advertising, and direct selling through site feeds. This technology will become more accepted by consumers as they can receive information and read it whenever they want without the threat of having their privacy violated by companies sharing email addresses or personal information.

Advertising certainly has changed the way B2B and B2C can operate today. With search engines providing the means to target customers through targeted keyword advertising, this has changed the landscape of how businesses need to operate online. Companies are beginning to budget for this type of online promotion since studies are showing more individuals are spending time on the Web. Individuals that have been on the Web for longer periods are spending considerably more time Online and less time watching Television or reading Newspapers.

Search engines have recognized this advertising trend for a long time and are continually improving their products for business and consumer use. In fact at least one search engine has beta testing going on to incorporate ads into RSS XML site feeds. This is a natural union for both ads and site feeds to automatically serve targeted advertisements to readers.

Internet marketing and online advertising will continue to make a difference for businesses taking advantage of the tools at hand.

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