B2C Marketing Focus Groups

Are You Operating a B2C, Business To Consumer, Business?

If the business is mainly dealing with consumers as opposed to other businesses (B2B) then the Internet classification is B2C. The B2C distinction is important from the perspective of understanding the consumer buying habits and online searched for terms related to your business.

First off, we are all consumers. We buy clothes, food, washers, dryers, refrigerators, televisions, automobiles, and homes. As consumers we also purchase services; such as: real estate, legal, accounting, and interior design services.

While consumer purchases are probably obvious to you and you know exactly how to go about finding the best deals or top quality services online, not everyone searches the same way or even speaks the same English language even though everyone in your target marketing group may speak English.

If you are an owner of a Small Business or a Large Corporation it is very important from an Online perspective that you are targeting the right keywords for your website. This is sometimes where a certain amount of pride must be swallowed by the business owner to include the keywords, that consumers are searching for the things you sell. Owners typically have little nuances of certain words that they feel do not fit their brands. However, by not including those keywords in the body text of a website a large market segment is excluded from ever finding the B2C website in the first place.

It amazes me sometimes, of some of the inquiries that we have received at Professional Web Services for helping out potential customers with optimizing, marketing, and advertising their websites. Each particular consumer product or service industry has its own unique language that must be analyzed, deciphered, and optimized for the targeted audience.

Marketing Focus Groups

Research is the key to understanding your markets. This however can be very costly for the Small Business Owner to contract out to an organization to run a Marketing Focus Group. But, if you are willing to listen to others, and simply ask some simple questions in regards to the products or services your business sells, then it doesn't necessarily have to be costly. Marketing insights for keyword development can be ascertained by asking individuals, how they would search online for the product you sell? What keywords would they use? If you really wanted to keep it as unbiased as possible then simply show the picture of the product or service instead of describing it with your words. The old saying, "A Picture Tells a Thousand Words" certainly will ring true when individuals look at the picture and decide on their own, of how they would search online and what search queries would be used.

Keywords SearchThe consumer e research involved with this keyword aspect of marketing needs to be incorporated within the structure of the organization. For example, it is not enough that the owner or president of a company understand the keywords searched for, but the Internet Marketing Service provider or the in-house SEO, Search Engine Optimization individual must be in-tune with all of the marketing research in order to best optimize the website for keywords used by consumers in a particular market place.

There are online tools that are helpful in determining what keywords are being searched for regularly, and provide additional helpful suggestions for other variations of the searched for keywords. If you were to set up a Google AdWords account for Online advertising, they also have a keywords research tool built into the system for targeting other searched for keywords. This same information can be used to help develop the website to the maximum potential for keyword targeting a select group of consumers. See: Internet Marketing And PPC Advertising Basics

What is your Focus Group: B2B, B2C, or C2C? For help with B2B, B2C, or C2C Search Engine Marketing SEO Internet marketing services, online advertising strategies, and Web branding solutions contact Professional Web Services today to gain more market share and increase sales tomorrow.

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