B-to-B and B-to-C WOW Factor

More often then not there seems to be a wow factor involved when E marketing to consumers as compared to other businesses.

Typically the consumer wants to see the product displayed in an informative way with pictures and information to go along with it. The 360 virtual views work out well for displaying all sides of a product. Flash animation or a video can play an important part in the explanation of a consumer product. E marketing software to businesses or consumers with providing information in a graphic way can really make the sale.

Certain BtoC types of businesses are more appropriate for adding streaming video. For example: real estate marketing can have a major impact upon a buyer of a home by providing detailed pictures, 360 virtual tours, or streaming videos of the properties. As more individuals are going online to shop for everything from cameras to cars the natural progression is toward the big ticket items such as homes. Realtors® are adding MLS (Multiple Listing Service) feeds to their websites. This provides a means of anyone shopping online for their next home.

Some BtoB businesses can also use the Wow factor. Though, many BtoB businesses are highly specialized and may have extensive nondisclosure agreements with their customers which can make it extremely difficult to display even a picture of what it is they fabricate. Sometimes, it is even impossible for a business to mention what it is they do. In addition many of the business-to-business operations are very competitive and using pictures, video, or other types of animation may reveal trade secrets to the competition.

So, while both B-to-C and B-to-B can include the wow factor the use of it needs to be tempered with ethical issues and the individual business at hand.

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