The Challenges Of B2B And B2C

Challenges Facing Businesses

B2C And B2B Are Both Facing Some Unique Challenges On The Internet

First and foremost, customers, whether on the side of Business-to-business or Business-to-consumer, are getting much more search savvy. They are spending much more time on the Internet searching out everything. Read more about this at the article: Challenges Facing Businesses.

The importance of understanding this relationship between the Internet and any business today must be grasped for both large and small companies. The idea that if a company does not do e-commerce directly online through what some would view the traditional meaning of B2B and B2C is totally a false pretense today. The Internet has broken down that barrier and created a situation where every business today could be classified under B2B or B2C for 99% of the companies. There is another C2C designation that represents Consumer-to-consumer or Consumer-to-customer in which private individuals are selling items of value to other consumers via eBay and Craigslist type environments. Actually some of these C2C individuals have developed a marketing plan that is better then their counterparts in B2B or B2C.

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