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Sometimes we tend to develop a technical topic, such as the definition of B2B and B2C, or comparing the B2B vs. B2C supply chains, or picking apart of how to market B2B and B2C to the world, and make it much more complicated then it really needs to be. One of those topics is the website marketing differences between B2B and B2C.

First off it does not take a rocket scientist to compare the basic e-business online key differences of B2B vs B2C. In fact, once the global acronyms are spelled out, the comparison is black and white.

The Three Acronyms of B2B, B2C, and C2C Today

  • B2B = Business to business = BtoB

  • B2C = Business to consumer = BtoC

  • C2C = Consumer to consumer = CtoC

The process of advertising, online marketing, and selling to another (B = business) versus (C = consumer)

Now, if you really want to talk in-depth about the different international B2B vs B2C technologies and compare BtoB v BtoC commerce predictions represented for each particular market segments, or discussion what are the B2C ethical and legal regulations, or expressing the B2B vs. B2C supply chain theoretical structure online, or the legal, ethical, and regulatory differences in detail, then I have put a collection of trusted resources links from various document and domain name resources (i.e. .gov = government, .edu = education, universities, news, websites, and general search articles) together that you can dive into and read to your hearts content.

In addition to those resource links are articles on: the importance of the Internet in business, B2C marketing, internet strategy tips, practical advertising application links, hints, effective e-marketing strategies for the technical professional, ebooks advice, and news for marketing and advertising success strategies for both categories. Also included in those articles are the most important related topics of Trust, Legal and Ethical email Issues for marketing, e-business ethics values of importance, business E-mail marketing best practices, Internet marketing solutions, online advertising strategies, ethical issues, plus the importance of ethics & values on the Internet and regulatory issues for websites, & web site privacy protections and concerns.

Note the following differences between B2B and B2C associations. Also note that the letter "C" has taken on different meanings in the various acronyms depending on who you talk with. I have seen the letter "C" sometimes represent the customer, but the majority of the time "C" represents the consumer, and in my estimation that makes a lot more sense logically and technically too. If you think about it logically; whether a business, is selling to another business, "B", or selling to a consumer, "C", both of which represent the third character in the acronyms of either (B or C), and both represent selling, marketing, and/or advertising to the customer.

Additionally, there is another related topic: C2C or Consumer to consumer sales and marketing, which has not been covered to the degree that B2B and B2C sales and marketing have been. Examples of this would be online auctions such as eBay and how those online payment systems function, or even selling on Craigslist and other local online market places are prime examples of consumer-to-consumer marketing.

Online marketing B2B and B2C really does come down to knowing your customer semantically online. Don't automatically assume that a potential customer is going to know you just because your business places a B2B or B2C website on the Internet today. Read more about: Online Marketing Means Knowing Your Customers Semantically.

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